And another thing…

Two or three other things, actually. My trip to the Great Lakes Mall Monday night was pretty fruitful. The “It’s a Puzzle!” store was selling all their stuff at deep discounts, so their inventory was pretty sparse. They were all out of puzzle glue and their selection of puzzles was fairly sad. They did have a few in the 9,000-to-18,000 piece range that looked very interesting, in a “there’s no way in Hell I could possibly finish that” kind of way.

There was, however, a game kiosk that had puzzle glue as well as a Disney Photomosaics Winnie the Pooh puzzle. Our guest bedroom has a combination Winnie the Pooh/Aquarium theme going on, so I thought that it’d make a good addition. Plus, it look suitably difficult without being frustratingly so.

When she found out that I was going to the mall, Laura asked me to pick up a copy of Yourself! Fitness for the Xbox. Oh, not for her. No, no, no. For me. So, I can now use my Xbox as a personal trainer and dietitian. I have yet to pop the disc in the drive, as I’m afraid of what Maya will instruct me to do. Perhaps Saturday I’ll bite that particular bullet.

I also snagged a used copy of Syberia for the Xbox, a game that I’ve wanted for some time now. I believe the genre is technically adventure game, but it could probably be called a story-driven puzzle game, too. It’s very pretty.

That is all!

I’m Free!

My LiveJournal paid account expired yesterday, and despite multiple attempts to pay for another year, I was unsuccessful. When I tried via Firefox, the payment page wouldn’t load. When I tried via Internet Explorer, there were issues with accepting my credit and debit cards. I don’t know if the payments page is broken or if my money is broken. Either, way, I’m wallowing in the land of unpaid accounts today.

In other news, there are rumors that LiveJournal will soon be purchased by Six Apart, the same company that owns TypePad and Moveable Type (the latter of which I installed on my website, but have since abandoned in favor of WordPress).

I installed WordPress yesterday, and I’m quite pleased with it so far. I even imported a couple of LiveJournal entries (though there was some tweaking involved to get the formatting right). That’s right, for no reason other than curiosity, I’ve begun maintaining two blogs. My dork is definitely showing.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

This post serves almost no purpose, save that I want to see how WordPress handles multiple posts in a single day. I’m also messing with the timestamp because I can. So there!

Or can I? There doesn’t seem to be a way to mess with the timestamp, even with Advanced Editing options turned on. Must be an admin-only thing…

[Edit: Yep, it’s an admin-only thing.]