You take the Good, you take the Bad…


The Blockbuster nearest my house is closing in approximately two weeks. Their lease recently expired, and as near as I can tell the owner of the building opted not to extend it. I’ve heard a rumor that the entire plaza is being levelled and replaced with a housing project of some sort.

I’m not thrilled with the idea of having to drive to Eastlake for my movie and game rental needs. The Eastlake store isn’t miles upon miles away, but it’s far enough away that I’ll be cancelling my GamePass and not renewing my Blockbuster Rewards membership.

On the upside, the Willoughby Blockbuster is selling their stock of used Xbox games at a 50% discount. A used copy of Red Dead Revolver, for example, would normally go for $22.99. With the discount, it was $11.49.

I had already made and paid for my DVD selection (Angels in America Disc Two) when I learned about the sale. There were signs plastered everywhere, but I had managed to ignore them. I had actually opened the door of the MVoD when I decided to go back and look at the used games. In the end, I picked up five games for fifty bucks and change:

  1. Red Dead Revolver
  2. Deus Ex: Invisible War
  3. Freaky Flyers
  4. Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes
  5. Goblin Commander

Yeah, I’ve already got too many games and I really shouldn’t be buying more. But I did. It was a deal I considered too good to pass up.



2 responses to “You take the Good, you take the Bad…”

  1. Bubaa Avatar

    Dude, get Netflix for your movie rentals, you will not regret it. Oh and for games, try

  2. KJToo Avatar

    I used to do Netflix, once upon a yesterday. That was back when you could have four movies out at a time for twenty bucks. It was a good service, and then we started getting free rental coupons from Blockbuster, so I cancelled the Netflix account.

    I don’t know, I may go back, I may not. I understand they now have a Cleveland distribution center, so the turnaround time would be pretty quick. As for GameFly, that’s tempting, too. What I need to do, though, is stop renting games altogether and work on completing the four thousand I already own. Seriously.

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