The battle for virtual justice continues.


If my video game forum is any indication, I loves me the City of Heroes. The game, quite honestly, just keeps getting better and better. Once I sit down and start playing, it doesn’t matter which of my six heroes I choose, I can play for hours on end. (Pity Laura, for she is an MMORPG widow.) Achieving a new level can mean forty minutes of playing around with a new power (like seeing just how high I could get with Super Jump last night). Last night, I spent a good hour and a half looking for Frosty’s evil cousins.

And that’s when I’m playing solo. When Miscellaneous G™ or Slowhand or Baab join the never-ending battle for justice, time may as well be flying by at warp nine. It’s just that absorbing. I keep playing just to reveal the next cool thing. I’ve seen maybe (maybe) twenty percent of the game areas, and Cryptic continues to add new areas, powers and bad guys. Later this year, they’ll release City of Villains which will kick it up notches unheard of by mortal man.



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