As they apparently say in the future: Frak.


As in, “Oh, frak!”

Or maybe, “You have got to be frakking kidding me!”

Or perhaps simply, “Frak!”

The MVoD is trying very hard to earn its title today. The doom in question applies to my wallet. As Laura is taking the family-friendly minivan to Florida this Sunday (and leaving me with her Sunbird), I thought it best to make sure the vehicle was in tip-top shape for the trip. So we brought it to the dealer for its 45,000 mile schedule maintenance and asked that they also address two other areas of concern:

  1. The ABS indicator occasionally comes on after I back up and won’t go off unless the vehicle is rebooted restarted. This has happened perhaps three times in the last month.
  2. The left rear turn signal assembly filled with water back in December. The water froze, some of the bulbs burned out and at least one of the sockets corroded.

Oh, and the brakes hadn’t been checked since we got the van.

The guy gave me a quote which was mildly painful but not unexpectedly exorbitant. Laura drove me to work, we had a nice breakfast in the cafeteria and took care of some charitable donation matching business. She left to babysit, I went to my 9:00 meeting.

The guy left me voicemail while I was in my 10:00 meeting.

I called the guy back. He gave me the laundry list:

  1. The ABS light is coming on because the speed sensor has been compromised. Replacing the speed sensor involves replacing the wheel bearing. Cha-ching!
  2. The front rotors and pads need to be replaced. Not unexpected, but still… cha-ching!
  3. The left rear taillight assembly circuit board must be replaced and both taillight assemblies sealed to prevent further leakage. Cha-ching!
  4. There’s coolant on the engine and the transmission. The intake manifold gasket is leaking and must be replaced. Oh, that one came outta left field! Cha-ching!

Er = Eo * 5.62

Where Eo is the original estimate and Er is the revised estimate and 5.62 is a hell of a lot to multiply the original estimate by.


Kidney-punch to the wallet!

Now, I’ve got to step up and take some responsibility for this mess. See, I’ve been letting the regularly scheduled maintenance slip and just going for oil changes at Lube Stop. No rotation of tires. No checking of brakes. No nothing. I’ve got to believe that the cost of these repairs could – at the very least – have been spread out over the last couple of years, if not largely avoided with some preventative maintenance.

Frak me. Right in the face.

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