Home Alone: Day Four – Threat Level Beige


This week is turning into a real nail-biter, isn’t it? Well, to answer the question that is undoubtedly weighing on everyone’s minds, I remembered to take my lunch today. I expect that your collective sigh of relief will eventually alter weather patterns in the Andes mountains, which could ruin some folks’ skiing vacation. Them’s the breaks.

The Old Man dumped a fair bit of snow on us yesterday, and continues to do so even as I type this. Last night the entire driveway was a giant drift, and I had some difficulty finding the front walk. Instead of doing the sensible thing (shoveling and snowblowing), I shut myself in for the evening. I did shovel the front walk this morning, but I’m sure that effort was in vain.

As if to reward my sloth, the Sunbird decided that the heater/vent/defroster fan didn’t really need to blow this morning. It was a cold drive to work.

As yesterday’s schedule change implies, I have opted not to work on Friday. This will leave me with entirely too many consecutive unsupervised hours.

Tonight’s City of Heroes playing will not take place as scheduled, so that we may bring you the following special activity…

  Morning Afternoon Evening Late PM Early AM
Wed 02 Mar Work Game Night Includes Pimp the Backhanding and one or more of the following Xbox games: HALO, Hunter The Reckoning: Redeemer, Dungeons & Dragons Heroes, Red Dead Revolver.

Also, I stopped by Blockbuster last night and rented Shawn of the Dead which will require watching at some point in the next couple of days.
(FEAT. Miscellaneous G™)


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