Home Alone: Day Five – Productivity’s Last Gasp

I carved another notch in my Xbox controller last night after Miscellaneous G™ and I completed Dungeons & Dragons Heroes. This is the third game that we’ve battled our way through, the others being Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance and Hunter the Reckoning.

As anticipated, we also played Pimp the Backhanding last night. My record is 1-2 so far mano a mano. Miscellaneous G™ and I both agreed that the dynamic of the game would likely change with additional players. Nonetheless, it’s a fun (if politically incorrect) game with a fairly straightforward mechanic.

Thanks to some scheduled time off, Thursday is the new Friday. At least for this week. That means staying up until stupid-thirty tonight playing video games and/or watching movies and crawling out of bed at the crack of noon tomorrow (see previously revised scheduleThat’s right, no colorful table today.).

Yes, I remembered to take my lunch again today. Each turkey-bologna sandwich not left in the fridge is a gold medal in an Olympic event for me, and I’m gonna jump and holler, ’cause I’ve saved up my last two dollars. ((Giddy Up Oom Poppa Omm Poppa Mow Mow. I was a coach for the Special Olympics held at Central Michigan University back in the early 90’s. I forget which year it was, exactly. I’d been a counselor at a week-long camp for special kids a few times, and one of the administrators asked me to be a coach that year. The Oak Ridge Boys played at the closing ceremonies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier group of people than those kids when ORB played “Elvira.”))

Note to Self: In the future, please check the blade depth before trimming your beard. Seriously. Take a picture of yourself and tape it to the bathroom mirror if you need a reminder of why this is important. Ass.

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