Feliz Cumpleaños, mi amor.


Happy Birthday to Laura, who is babysitting her sister’s kids today (and most every Friday), and will probably not read this until it’s no longer her birthday anymore.

Laura’s first trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula happened around her birthday in 1994. Laura was on the verge of graduating from Bowling Green State University (Go Falcons!) at the time, while I was paying matriculation fees to Michigan Technological University (Go Huskies!) and living with my parents in Toivola.

While Laura was staying with us, there was a huge, nasty blizzard. Such an occurrence in the U.P. is not at all uncommon for mid-March, but I think it caught the girl from Ohio by surprise.

My mother made a cake for Laura’s birthday in 1994, and by the eighteenth of March the following year I’d been living in northeast Ohio for several months. Tonight, I’ll celebrate Laura’s birthday with her for the twelfth time. I’ve heard that it may snow.



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  1. thagg Avatar

    Birthday greetings to Laura from myself, My Favorite Canadian, and the broodlings. As it is also her birthday it is indeed a time for reminiscing. I met her the day before Easter almost 18 years ago and have been totally messed up ever since. The experience shook me to the core and is still the high point of my existence.

    Can any experience top meeting the woman you were created for? When you know that the search is over? I should think not.

    I knew that night. Over the next two weeks we dated before she moved a mere 8 hr drive away. Just over two years later we made it official in front of family and friends.

    Congratulations for taking marriage seriously. Twelve years is indeed a great start. You’ve got staying power. Your parents should be proud.

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