KRIS is the NBC affiliate in Corpus Christi, TX (Channel 6). Their website can be found at, though there’s no real reason to go there if you’re not from Corpus Christi. It is interesting to note that—at the time of this writing—it is 93 degrees in Corpus Christi, and it feels like 103 degrees. Compare that to 72 degrees in Willoughby, OH.

Seventy-two is comfortable. Really, it’s pretty close to the upper boundaries of my comfort zone, a boundary which is undoubtedly determined largely by the layers of insulation/body armor I have meticulously built over the past ten years. Simply put: 93 degrees is far too hot for KRIS, and 103 degrees is somewhere beyond far too hot.

Corpus Christi is also home to KAJA, a Telemundo station, the programming schedule of which can be accessed via the KRIS website. KAJA is also 97.3 on your FM dial in San Antonio, TX. If the fact that the format of 97.3 in San Antonio is Country & Western surprises you, please ask the nearest adult to verify that your head is properly attached.

Kaja is also the name of Phil Foglio’s wife and partner over at Studio Foglio. That’s neither here nor there, it’s merely interesting (to me).

I think what I’m trying to say is I’m glad I don’t live in Corpus Christi, TX (or San Antonio, for that matter). I mean, 93 degrees. That’s far too hot.

5 responses to “KRIS”

  1. Gator Avatar

    Ah…..the ramblings of a madman……

  2. KJToo Avatar

    What’s so mad about 93 degrees being far too hot?

  3. Thagg Avatar

    For a bedroom, yes. A sauna, no.

    MFC couldn’t agree more on 72 for everything but the beach.

    My favorite: Depends on the humidity. At 93, yes. Both San Antonio and Honolulu proved to be acceptable in the mid to upper 90’s. Barksdale AFB and Mobile were unbearable at or near the same temperature.

    103? Fuhggetaboutit. Sucks the energy and drive right out from ya. Womenfolk tend to keep their distance due to the tendency of unacclimated Finns to sweat profusely.

  4. KJToo Avatar

    The sauna is nice at about 120 degrees or so. Ninety-three in a sauna generally means that someone forgot to put a fire in the stove.

  5. Thagg Avatar

    120 is a nice introductory temp for MFC and the broodlings. I was thinking more on the line of 140, indicating what almost 25 years away will do to a person.

    I recall taking saunas in temps approaching 160 back in the day.

    Tales of our elders lead to 180, with vihtas(?) and steam. And what is a sauna without steam? A hot room that smells like sweat(or worse).

    Never tried the custom of sauna to snowbank w/o a change of clothing.

    However, in areas lacking a/c, a good hot sauna does prep you for a better night’s sleep.

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