But whenever Monday comes…

Here’s a quick summary of the weekend:

  • Rented Destroy All Humans for the Xbox. If you’re reading this, I clearly haven’t been able to destroy all humans. Yet.
  • Bought and installed a new blade for the lawn mower. Saved the old blade in case I need to pull a Billy Bob Thornton on Dwight Yoakam can get it sharpened. New blade: $13.80 w/tax.
  • Mowed the lawn. Was much pleased with the performance of the new blade. Bagged about 30 pounds of clippings.
  • Got the oil changed and the fuel filter replaced on the MVoD. I’m not going to mention how many miles overdue the oil change was, but it’s probably safe to classify what they drained out of my crankcase as “vintage.”
  • Attended the Mentor High Class of 1990 15-year reunion. Felt guilty for not helping Nick organize the event, though I graduated a year later from a different high school. Way to lay a guilt trip, Nick.
  • Rode nine miles on the bike for the first time in a month. I am not the Lance Armstrong of the heavyweight division. That’d be Bob.
  • Weeded the front flower bed. It had gotten a bit out of hand, you might say. Henry Stanley didn’t have to hack through that much jungle when he was searching for David Livingston.
  • Watched Bloodsuckers on the Sci-Fi Channel. Vampires in space. How bad could it be? Pretty bad.
  • Played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I lost all my saved games when my hard drive crashed last year. Does that mean I absolutely must play the entire game from start to finish again? Yes. Yes, it does.

I didn’t get around to cleaning my office, which looks like a Nerd Bomb exploded in it about three years ago. This will have to be addressed before the ‘rents arrive later this week. Or will it?

4 thoughts on “But whenever Monday comes…”

  1. Dude. I totally rode another 21 miles yesterday. Renee wanted to go get some exercise, so we went down to the towpath in the afternoon. 8.5 miles at her pace, then she encouraged me to ride a while at my own. So, I took off north from Hillside road and figured I’d eventually find the end of the trail. It was about 6.125 miles up from there (each way). Or so I think; there was actually another trail sticking out from the side of the turn-around loop. This merits further investigation, I think.

  2. I am not sure about the usage of “‘rents” as a term to describe parents. I mean, how many keystrokes did you save? Don’t parents deserve more than this?

  3. “I am not sure about the usage of “‘rents” as a term to describe parents. I mean, how many keystrokes did you save? Don’t parents deserve more than this?”

    I saved one keystroke, which represents a savings of roughly 14.3% versus typing the entire word. I think my ‘rents would be proud of the efficiency gain.

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