For Patriot City!


While at Target after lunch today, I happened to notice that Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich was on clearance for ten bucks.

Given how much I enjoyed the original Freedom Force (it’s one of a handful of PC games that I’ve played all the way through), I simply could not pass it up.

Games I’ve Finished (in alphabetical order and probably not a complete list):

  1. Armed and Dangerous (Xbox) – A lot of fun. Love the shark gun. Way too short.
  2. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance (Xbox) – Cooperative multiplayer rocks.
  3. Crimson Skies (PC) – Why is there no PC sequel to this game?
  4. Deus Ex (PC) – Excellent game. One of my all-time favorite first-person shooters, this game has a very cool skills customization mechanic.
  5. Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes (Xbox) – More cooperative multiplayer. I like these games.
  6. Freedom Force (PC) – Pseudo Golden Age Superheroes. Check. Cheesy narration and dialog. Check. Cool Powers. Check. Nazis. Check.
  7. Full Throttle (PC) – Back when adventure games didn’t suck.
  8. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PC) – Technically, I completed 60% of the stuff there is to do in this game, but I played the main storyline through to its conclusion, so I’m counting it.
  9. Hunter The Reckoning (Xbox) – Zombies, vampires and werewolves, oh my! The biggest problem with this game was the camera angles.
  10. Jedi Academy (PC) – I haven’t finished Jedi Outcast, but I tore through this one in about a week.
  11. Return to Castle Wolfenstein (PC) – I admit it: I got bored with this game toward the end and turned on god mode to complete it. I loved the “infiltrate the base and steal the secret spy plane prototype” missions and hated the “oh shit, zombies!” missions.

Most of the Xbox games I’ve finished I’ve done so with the help of Miscellaneous G™ over the course of many Tuesday evenings.

Games I’m Terribly Close to Finishing:

  1. Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge (Xbox) – One of the best Xbox games I’ve ever played. I’m literally on the last mission, which has proven to be slightly beyond my skill to complete.
  2. HALO (Xbox) – Cooperative multiplayer first-person shooter! Two missions to go and maybe I’ll be able to justify purchasing HALO 2.
  3. Red Dead Revolver (Xbox) – Just one mission to go. As first-person shooters go, this one is just about my favorite on the Xbox. Great story, great setting, lots of fun.
  4. Rise of Nations (PC) – At last, a real-time simulation. I am one scenario away from complete dominance of the world! So why haven’t I played that scenario? Well, mostly because I don’t want to lose.
  5. Splinter Cell (PC) – I’m pretty sure I’m close to the end of this one. A great game with at least one excellent sequel (I haven’t tried the second sequel, Chaos Theory, yet). I haven’t fired this game up in a while. I wonder if my saved games are on a non-dead hard drive…

If I were a true nerd, I’d have all this information in a database…



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  1. Bob Avatar

    Full Throttle
    One of my favorite memories of all time. Evar. Is that of setting wind-up bunnies to take out landmines to Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyrie.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    I’ve played a lot of GTA, but never reached 100% completion on any of them. I also consider the games completed since I did all of the story stuff.

  2. KJToo Avatar

    “I’ve played a lot of GTA, but never reached 100% completion on any of them. I also consider the games completed since I did all of the story stuff.”

    I’ve been trying to complete all of the Unique jumps in GTA. I’m at 32 of 36 right now, and I know there are at least two (possibly three) that can only be accomplished on the “G-Spotlight” mission. Unfortunately, this means that there are one or two Unique jumps that I haven’t managed to make. Grr.

  3. Thagg Avatar

    Haven’t finished Jedi Outcast yet? Infidel!! That game kept getting more addictive as it progressed.

    Never finished NOLF? Surprising. Talk about cheesy dialog.

    But I forget you tend towards ADD with games.

    I agree on Deus Ex. The Broodlings loved to watch that one. Need to upgrade video to play Invisible War.

    The Broodlings also were impressed with Rise of Nations when they watched you play. The Oldest has pointed it out in the store numerous times.

    Attempting Unreal:Gold again. One of the drives crashed and took the save files with it. Actually found a mint condition strategy guide for $1 at a nearby nerd show.

    Looking at the list, I may have completed more games than you. Fascinating, captain. All PC, no consoles(unless Super Ninendo counts) in the home.

  4. KJToo Avatar

    Actually, I did finish the first NOLF. I forgot all about that one. I’m deep into the second one, too.

    In Jedi Outcast I got to the point where Kyle gains the Jedi Mind Trick ability. I tried to Mind Trick my way past the stormtroopers a few times and just got fed up after a while and took a “break.” Those saved games are probably all on my dead hard drive, too. Perfect excuse to start over from the beginning.

  5. Thagg Avatar

    I did finish Jedi Outcast and vaguely remember the Jedi Mind Trick. Some of the other powers were more enjoyable to use, and I normally apply a scorched Earth policy to FPS games anyhoo.

    The machine I used only had a 16MB TNT2 card, so the level with the rain required a lower resolution to play without stuttering. Also only had a 3-button mouse, so game play could get quite frantic.

    Dead hard drives appear to be in season.

    Let’s see how many games I remember finishing (all PC)

    Unreal: Gold
    Unreal: Return to Na Pali
    Dark Reign II
    Homeworld Cataclysm
    Half-Life Opposing Force
    Gunman Chronicles
    MechCommander 2
    MechWarrior 4: Vengeance
    Battlezone II
    No One Lives Forever
    Deus Ex
    Quake II

  6. KJToo Avatar

    I finished the Terran missions in Starcraft and made it (I think) to the penultimate Zerg mission. I didn’t start the Protoss campaign that I can recall.

    I did finish the single-player portion of Unreal Championship 2003, but I’ve not played through the original, single-player Unreal.

    I have all three Homeworld titles and they’re all excellent, but I’ve finished none of them.

    I played Half-Life to the point where Gordon Freeman fires the rocket to destroy the big bad alien and then goes down into the cavern beneath the launch bay.

  7. Thagg Avatar

    Starcraft was good, the Protoss were more enjoyable than the pesky Zerg, ugh. Played Starcraft:Brood War up to the final 2/3 Zerg missions. Too much swarming.

    Homeworld 2 is on the purchase list, but no hurry. I tried the demo, and it gets real involved, real quick. The ending of Cataclysm is extremely fast-paced, and I wound up destroying my own Mothership numerous times before I completed the game.

    I personally did not care for the outer space segments of either Half-Life game, but overall they were engrossing. Sounds like you were in the hunt for the end when you lost interest.

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