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Freedom Force vs. The 3rd ReichFreedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich (PC)

After dinner and an episode of CSI 1I have a love/hate relationship with CSI. On one hand, criminal forensics is fascinating. On the other hand, the show takes ridiculous license with what can and cannot be accomplished with some … Continue reading last night, I installed Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich. The installation went smoothly, so I launched the game… and two hours disappeared. This is exactly what would happen when I played the original Freedom Force. After taking a brief break, I returned to the game again and another 45 minutes slipped away and it appeared that I was well on my way to losing another two hours.

And then the game crashed.

Well, it more than crashed. The video changed from a group of stalwart superheroes battling belligerent bad guys to a blank blue screen. The audio stuttered on the last two seconds of music and dialog. No amount of Alt-Tabbing or Control-Alt-Deleting made any difference whatsoever. My computer was completely locked up.

So I reset my computer and tried again. Same mission, identical crash. There may be a pattern here, I thought. The keen observational powers of my well-honed analytical mind are not to be underestimated.

So I did the unthinkable: I read the ReadMe file for the game. In the section labeled “Known Issues” I learned that there are some problems with ATI video cards running outdated drivers. As it so happens, I recently installed a new ATI video card in my computer and neglected to update the driver afterward. That’s right, I’m using the driver that came on the installation CD! My computer geek license ought to be revoked.

Before going to bed, I started downloading the latest driver from ATI’s website. When I got up this morning, I verified that the download completed successfully (as far as Firefox can tell, anyway). Tonight at some point, I’ll install the driver and try the mission again.

It is imperative that Minute Man, The Green Genie, Bullet and El Diablo locate Nuclear Winter’s new partner, the witch called Red Oktober. We must learn more about their fiendish plot! The fate of the world may hang in the balance!

1 I have a love/hate relationship with CSI. On one hand, criminal forensics is fascinating. On the other hand, the show takes ridiculous license with what can and cannot be accomplished with some evidence, particularly photographs. For instance, gleaning the color of a person’s eyes by interpolating the colors from a single frame of black and white security camera video. Huh? Or maybe enhancing a blurry photograph to determine not only who the subject of the photo is, but also that there is a porthole behind the photographer. That’s right, a blurry 3/4 body shot is sharpened to such a degree that the forensic detective is able to zoom in on the subject’s eye and pick out the detail of a porthole in the reflection!

And then there’s the silly stuff like last night’s crossover with the crew from CSI: Miami. During a scene in which a diver is going in to find a submerged car, David Caruso is standing by with a rifle to fend off alligators. Jump ahead 10 minutes and the same diver is now going after a gun. No David Caruso. No rifle. Apparently no fear of alligators.

Watching CSI makes me feel like I’m turning into my dad. Why? Because there’s apparently a limit to how far my disbelief can be suspended. Several years ago, watching Speed with my dad, I rolled my eyes after he said, “There’s no way that bus is still going fifty miles per hour after hitting those barrels!”

Dad, I know how you felt.

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  1. Thagg Avatar

    Sounds like when I was playing NFS Porsche:Unleashed. I was delivering a new Boxter to its rightful owner whilst enjoying the beautiful waterfalls. I’m in a nice power drift when the game kicks out and I’m looking at the desktop.

    I tried again. Same thing. If it turns out to be a known issue I can finish the game and remove it.

    If you get your geek license revoked, the rest of us are in trouble.

    Does it become more difficult to suspend your disbelief as you age, or do the shows simply become more assinine? Could have something to do with plot resolution. Expedience at all costs. Or simply lack of available material. Compounded with a lack of real experience on the actors behalf? When a highly trained CIA operative is wildly firing her weapon like a fireman trying to extinguish a burning vehicle, flinching each time she pulls the trigger…harrumph

  2. KJToo Avatar

    The video driver I’m using is from November of 2004, which is well before Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich was released, if I remember correctly.

    I’m generally of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it school” when it comes to video drivers. On the other hand, many gamers I know won’t even bother to pop the installation CD that comes with a new video card into their CD-ROM drive. The first thing they do is go to the manufacturer’s site and grab the latest and greatest driver. That can sometimes be good and sometimes be very bad.

    I’ve already been advised not to install the newest driver for my card, but rather to grab the second-newest. I’m not sure what I’ll do at this point, since I’ve already downloaded the new one and the prospect of downloading 20+ MB over a dialup connection doesn’t sit well with me.

    As to my disbelief, I suppose age might have something to do with it. However, the issue of photographic resolution and the degree to which photos (regardless of source) can be enhanced seems to be particularly troublesome for me. When the CSI photo guy said that the grayscale image actually contained all of the color data, I was about ready to flip.

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