Shit, meet fan. Fan, this is shit.



I’m supposed to go home at 1:30 today. We’ll see.

More later.

[Addendum (1:11pm) – We’ve got a nice production issue on our hands. Good news: I’ve identified the problem and how to fix it. Bad news: I’m not sure when the fix will be ready for me to test. I’ve been told 3:00, but I’m hoping sooner.]

3 responses to “Shit, meet fan. Fan, this is shit.”

  1. KJwon Avatar

    Solution: You found the problem; just find the person that needs to fix it!

    And anyways, ‘production, schmuction’!

    “The old man is down the road” – J. Fogerty


  2. Thagg Avatar

    Edit: I’ve found the problem and determined who to blame.

    Form a committe. Call for rounds of meetings over the next few weeks/months to discuss means of preventing said occurance in the future.

    Go home. From here on, it is the committee that determines the proper course of action, you are off the hook.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. KJToo Avatar

    I found the problem, figured out who to blame and determined how to avoid similar problems in the future. The issue will be corrected by late afternoon today, or by mid-July 2009 if I bother to form a committee.

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