Babies: Packed up. Old Ladies: Grabbed.


Mom and Dad enjoyed the Neil Diamond concert a great deal. I’m told he did a two-and-a-half hour set with two encores and no opening act. Mom says that he’s “still got it.” I was also informed that he dresses very well. Maybe next time Mr. Diamond is in town I’ll get five tickets so Laura, Laura’s mother and I can go, too (my father-in-law has indicated that he’s not interested).

The rest of the weekend went down something like this…

Thursday evening, we ate dinner at Willoughby Brewing Company. 1Willoughby Brewing Company shares a rather small parking lot with Gavi’s, a popular Italian restaurant. As a result, parking spaces are often at a premium. To make the experience a bit more … Continue reading Dad and Laura sampled seven or eight beers, while Mom and I stuck to sours (brandy and whiskey, respectively). We all split the Brewer’s Platter, a tasty assortment of sausages, cheeses and other appetizers. The meal was excellent and afterward we went home and watched Sideways.

I had planned to leave work at 1:30 Friday afternoon but didn’t hit the road until 3:30. Laura’s niece and nephew were still at our place when I got home. Mom was reaching the end of the last book she’d brought and we didn’t want her going into withdrawal, so after dinner (leftovers) we went to Half-Price Books and Barnes & Noble in Mentor. I grabbed a copy of The Once and Future King, Dad got a couple of books about the Great Depression, Laura picked up some smut a historical romance by Bertrice Small, and Mom got a couple of suspense/thrillers and some kind of feel-good novel along the Ya-Ya Sisterhood of the Travelling Bees veinEDIT: I almost forgot the booze book. Dad bought Mom a copy of Playboy: Bartender’s Guide from Barnes & Noble. Quite the handy guide, the book covers everything from glassware to the proper use of ice and contains rather a lot of drink recipes (including the Chumbawamba, which contains whiskey, vodka, lager and cider). I expect that this ten-dollar purchase will eventually translate into Dad building a wet bar in the basement (and needing $2K worth of new tools to complete it). Time will tell..

Bob and I did almost 13 miles on the bicycles Saturday morning. Bob pulled a Knievel heading down a long hill near the turnaround point, but escaped without serious injury. I returned home to a very subdued house and much of the afternoon was spent napping and reading. After dinner (burgers), we stopped by Noosa for dessert (they’ve got the best crème brûlée Laura and I have come across) and then visited my in-laws at their new hacienda.

Dad wanted to see the pipe organ at the Painesville United Methodist Church, which he may or may not have read about in a woodworking magazineWhether or not Dad read about a pipe organ in a woodworking magazine isn’t up for debate. Whether or not it was, in fact, this pipe organ remains questionable.. Mom, Dad and I drove out to Painesville intending to sit in on the 10:30 service Sunday morning. The service, however, was being held in “the Circle Room,” so we had the sanctuary all to ourselves. We wandered up to the balcony and Mom took some pictures of the pipes (there are 2,871 in all) as well as a couple of the stained glass windows. Afterward, we bade God a pleasant morning and stepped next door for a bite to eat.

During the pre-concert napping, I destroyed many humans with an alien death ray and then attempted to atone for my deeds by saving the world from time-travelling super villains. Oh, the dichotomy.

1 Willoughby Brewing Company shares a rather small parking lot with Gavi’s, a popular Italian restaurant. As a result, parking spaces are often at a premium. To make the experience a bit more painless, both restaurants offer valet parking, for a small fee. I had no intention of taking advantage of the valet, particularly since a woman parked three spaces from the door of the Brewing Company got into her car just as I was coming around the end of the aisle.

So I waited for her to pull out of the space.

She started the car and made a call on her cell phone. I waited. She didn’t move. I waited some more.

In a parking lot, a minute seems like an eternity to wait for a space. As I loathe the creature I call the “Parking Lot Vulture” and do not like to “vultch” (yeah, I made that up) myself, I pulled forward to the valet. The woman was still sitting in her unmoving car when we entered the restaurant.

Fast forward 90 minutes or so. I had a brief moment of panic after dinner when I couldn’t find my keys, until I remembered the valet. I handed him my ticket and he dashed off (valets always run when they’re fetching your vehicle, and they should) to retrieve the MVoD.

He didn’t have far to run. The MVoD was parked in the very space that I’d been waiting for earlier. Thirty feet away from the front door.

Money well spent.



6 responses to “Babies: Packed up. Old Ladies: Grabbed.”

  1. Thagg Avatar

    You watched Sideways and no review? Tsk, Tsk. The talking heads loved that movie.

    I for one am glad that the ‘rents finally went to go see Neil Diamond, as I know Mom has been a fan for years. At least since the ’70’s.

    Gotta go

  2. KJToo Avatar

    Laura and I saw Sideways during its theatrical run, and I received it on DVD as a birthday present (if memory serves). I don’t recall writing anything about it, so maybe I’ll fire off a review of the DVD later this week.

    Another movie I didn’t write a review for: Ocean’s Twelve.

  3. Bob Avatar


    My neck is still a bit sore.

  4. KJToo Avatar

    That’ll happen when you fall on your head.

    On the bright side (man, I’m using that phrase a lot lately), my thighs feel much better than they did a week ago, despite the fact that we rode almost 50% farther.

    I should be able to get some riding in Thursday and/or Friday night, provided I can get off my ass and onto the bike. Probably won’t get a chance to right tonight, though.

  5. Thagg Avatar

    Did he fall on his head, or was he dropped many moons ago?

    13 miles is getting respectable. I had a half-crazed idea about biking the next time we go to Maumee Bay State Park. It comes in at just under 14 miles. Using all back roads would bump it up to 15 miles. Around an hour, I’m thinking. One section in a construction area concerns me.

    Youse guys riding on mountain bikes, comfort bikes or road bikes? Lil Sis switched to a road bike after some swine absconded with her somewhat spendy mountain bike. Bit easier to motivate through the Chicago streets.

  6. KJToo Avatar

    I don’t know anyone capable of dropping Bob on his head, but I cannot say with any certainty that it has never happened. What I can say is that I witnessed him do a nose dive off his bike this past Saturday. More accurately, the bike abandoned Bob, opting to fall over and stop moving. Bob was all, like, “Oh, shit, inertia!” and eventually stopped moving due to friction between the ground and his shoulder and head.

    I’d like to run out to the tow path one of these weekends, where I’m certain that we could manage 17-20 miles with out too much difficulty. It’s all about slope.

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