Destroy a representative sample of humans…


Destroy All Humans (Xbox)Well, it’s time to return Destroy All Humans to Blockbuster. I’ve apparently completed 22% of the game, which is interesting. Why? Well, because I’ve visited three towns in various parts of the United States of America. Nothing even approaching a major metropolitan area, and I haven’t actually destroyed all the humans in any of those towns (yet).

Last I heard, the United States was populated by right around 270 million people, give or take. Suppose that there are 6 billion humans on the planet Earth (that’s probably low-balling it a bit, but I don’t have time to do a full count right now). Even if we inflate the U.S. population to 300 million, wiping out every last human between Canada and Mexico (plus a handful in Alaska and Hawaii and, hell, throw in Puerto Rico, too), that’s still only 5% of the entire planetary populace.

So how can I be 22% of the way through Destroy All Humans? Something doesn’t add up here. Am I meant to destroy every last humanThose pesky Kulku only needed to “process” eight million humans to fulfill their quota. Amateurs. or not?

Y’know what? I bet the answer has to do with exponents. I’ll just bet.

8 responses to “Destroy a representative sample of humans…”

  1. Thagg Avatar

    We are still here, it seems you have missed a few.

  2. KJToo Avatar

    I’m saving immediate family for last. It’s kind of a courtesy thing.

  3. Thagg Avatar

    Although it appears the game doesn’t send you to any at first, I thought it was due to our not locating in a major metropolitan area.

    Could it have something to do also with us and y’all being in the same state? Even dogs refrain from messing up their own backyard first.

    Figured KJwon and Lil Sis would be first.

  4. KJwon Avatar

    I’m still here ‘cuz I found a great hiding place… had to share it with a cranky raccoon, tho…

  5. KJToo Avatar

    Are you saying you were… all up in his grill?

  6. Thagg Avatar

    Don’t think so, ’cause the mess wasn’t big enough.

  7. Yotto Avatar

    I think the percentage is a time thing. As you progress, you will become more efficient at destroying humans, so your (humans killed)/time will increase.

    So it’s kind of an exponent thing, yeah.

  8. KJToo Avatar

    Actually, that’s a very good point. As time progresses, I am granted ever more powerful weapons, so the number of humans destroyed per button press increases.

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