I never remember to take the “Before” photo until I’m halfway to “After.”

Yesterday, I began the process of moving Laura’s stuff into my office and vice versa. The sheer amount of crap ((In days gone by, I would have objected most strenuously if my “stuff” were to be so classified, but I’m afraid it really is crap. In the best possible lighting, one might generously call it “junk.”)) I had in my office was daunting, to say the least. Nonetheless, I managed to clear out most of the stuff that wasn’t on a desk or bookshelf, vacuumed the floor and hauled in two filing cabinets. That’s in my (old) office. Apart from relocating a two-drawer filing cabinet, I haven’t even touched Laura’s (old) office.

In moving the smaller filing cabinet, I discovered that the underside had gotten wet at some point in the past and rusted, forming a nice, firm bond with the carpeting. I wrenched the filing cabinet out, cleaned it up, then sanded and painted the rusted spots. I also took a stab at cleaning the carpet, but I should really shampoo the whole office before I move all of my stuff. ((Not going to happen.))

Stuff I hauled into the garage until I can find a better place for it:

  • Books. Lots of ’em. MCSE and Network+ study guides, various Linux-related tomes, tons of Star Wars references, and altogether too many role-playing game manuals.
  • Two 15″ computer monitors.
  • One largely functional Linux PC.
  • A box of books on tape.
  • A SEGA Genesis with a handful of cartridges.
  • Two magazine racks full of magazines (Entertainment Weekly, Game Informer and WIRED).

Before I can start moving computers around, I need to actually clean off my (old) computer desk, which is actually an armoire. The biggest problem will be finding a place to put all the crap that I’ve accumulated over the past ten years. I’ve already thrown away much more than my nature would normally allow, yet I have the feeling that I’ll have to part with more if the desk is ever to be truly cleaned. Maybe I’ll take a picture of the desk in its current state before I clean it.

8 thoughts on “I never remember to take the “Before” photo until I’m halfway to “After.””

  1. No, No, NO! NOT ‘stuff’, NOT ‘junk’, NOT even ‘crap’! It’s ‘accumulated wealth’!

    Can you say … eBay?

    BTW; why the swap?

  2. Laura’s been very sniffly and snot-nosed of late, and one theory is that the concentration of cat hair and cat litter dust in her office (that’s where their food and water dishes and litter box are located) is irritating her sinuses. So we’re going to switch and see if I get all sniffly and snot-nosed. Yay!

  3. Most of what I threw away yesterday (if not all of it) was crap. Do I need the box my iPod came in, or worse, the plastic package the vehicle adapter came in? I do not, sir. Do I need installation manuals for a five-year-old version of Red Hat Linux? Most assuredly not. How about a battery for a cell phone that hasn’t been used since the late 1990’s? Nuh-uh. But I didn’t throw it away. I want to see what the “proper” means of disposal for Li-ion or NiCad batteries is.

  4. Proper generally means hauling the offending battery to someplace that sells them. Best Buy tends to have drop bins betwixt the sets of entry doors for both battery and phone.

    Describe ‘largely functional’.

    Our bathroom tends to activate my allergies, the den coming in second. Big time yay.

    The broodlings dressers rust to their carpet. Haven’t got around to getting the stains out yet, as the whole house needs the carpets cleaned – badly. Doesn’t look like we’ll get the machine until late Sept. Oh, I figured out the last time we used it, I am really allergic to the carpet cleaning solution. Double super-secret yay with golden oak clusters on the side.

    I don’t recall you ever playing or mentioning a Sega Genesis.

    After serious consideration, most of your crap will still be… crap. Not worth reselling, refinishing or relocating. I’ve pitched 2 trashcans full of stuffed animals in the last two weeks. They’ve spent too much time in the garage and have that musty aroma. Not to mention some of them smell like cat piss.

  5. The Ubuntu Linux box may not have a video card in it at the moment. I had my old, wonky GeForce 4 Ti 4200 in it, but the machine had a tendency to lock up without warning.

    I have another, even older video card that I could install, but most flavors of Linux I’ve tried don’t like it for some reason. I don’t know if that card is also wonky, or if Linux just doesn’t like it. The bottom line is that I can never get XFree86 properly configured for this card (a Hercules Dynamite 128).

    I’ve got my brother-in-law’s old Genesis, though I don’t recall ever connecting it to my television. It’s just been sitting in a crate for a couple of years, waiting for me to play Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun. Every time I’m in a GameStop or similar store, I look for a copy of Shadowrun for the Genesis, but have thus far not found one.

  6. Uh, my bad. Yup, yer stuff is crap.

    Would the offending cat-dander room happen to be, maybe, smaller that the room you are giving up?

    Sounds like some ulterior motives brewin’… Or hey, I could be wrong! Again! (Planted that little seed of doubt, tho, didn’t I?!!?! OK, I’m being a snot.)

  7. “Would the offending cat-dander room happen to be, maybe, smaller that the room you are giving up?”

    Actually, Laura’s (old) office is bigger than mine, and it has a fireplace.

  8. I’ve got a GeForce2 MX200 (32Mb) AGP 2/4x I bought for the Broodlings computer before I knew it was an AGP 1x. It snaps right in, but the voltages are incompatible. Dunno if it works, ’cause I had to turn acceleration completely off to use it. Ended up putting a PCI video card in it.

    I do believe Nvidia now supports open source on their website, freeing you from xFree86. A quick (for dial-up) check confirms.

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