Uhh… what happened to my sidewalk? (Part Deux)


There are at least seven areas in my neighborhood where the sidewalk is torn up, one of which looks to be about twenty-five feet in length and another that spans the entire width of someone’s driveway. This morning there were manly-man types with a cement truck readying to fill in the holes at the Oak Ridge/Euclid intersection.

Still no explanation of why the holes are there. I should have stopped to ask the guys, but their truck created a nice bottleneck at Oak Ridge and there was another car waiting to turn in as I was leaving, so I opted not to dawdle and called the construction company once I got to work.

The construction company is doing work for the city, replacing the sidewalk according to their contract. The nice lady advised me that I should have gone down to the courthouse to sign an estimate for the replacement. I’m pretty sure I would have remembered doing that. She advised me to call the city Service Department.

So I did. Seems the construction company is way behind 1Three years or more behind. Seriously. on their contract with the city. There’s a possibility that the previous owner of our house was required to pay for the replacement of the sidewalk prior to selling it. I guess you only really need to have that kind of work done if you’re selling the house. Which we’re not. We’re blowing it up and erecting a 100-foot tall marble obelisk in its place, but not until 2012.

The city is going to check their records and get back to me regarding who authorized (and more importantly, paid for) the work. Let’s just hope that my intermittent somnambulism isn’t so severe that I’m driving to the courthouse and authorizing sidewalk repairs in my sleep.

EDIT: 11:50AM – Laura just got off the phone with the city. We have no financial responsibility for the replacement of the sidewalk. It was apparently a “point of sale” obligation for a previous owner.

1 Three years or more behind. Seriously.

12 responses to “Uhh… what happened to my sidewalk? (Part Deux)”

  1. Thagg Avatar

    So, it is THE GUBMINT?

    Heh, heh…

    Lotsa luck.

  2. KJToo Avatar

    Yup. It’s THE GUBMINT. And we’re off the hook (see my edit).

  3. Thagg Avatar

    Totally OT:

    The Middlest Broodling asked MFC recently when he would get to spend time a Uncle Kris’s. She asked him how long. I think he said five weeks.

    He mailed you a hand-written note at her request.

    He is waiting as patiently as a seven-yr old possibly can for a response. (His mother is not as patient.) Any age-appropriate response. Apparantly, he likes his Uncle a lot.

    Five weeks is a bit long for his parents to let him go, but a day or two…

  4. Thagg Avatar

    So, THE GUBMINT absolves the current owner/occupant of the property in question of all fiduciary responsiblities related to the section of the aforementioned personal access route currently under replacement?


    Keep an eye on GIL anyway. Just in case.

  5. KJToo Avatar

    I did receive the aforementioned handwritten note in the mail (last week, I think). I agree that five weeks may be a bit much. I’ll talk to Laura and see when would be a good time.

    USPS did a fine job of delivering the handwritten note, but is probably not the ideal means of conveying your middle child to our house.

  6. KJToo Avatar

    “So, THE GUBMINT absolves the current owner/occupant of the property in question of all fiduciary responsiblities related to the section of the aforementioned personal access route currently under replacement?”

    Correct. Or, to put it in layman’s terms, “we ain’t gotta pay for that shit.”

  7. Thagg Avatar

    May want to include his siblings in the deal. Seems to be the way it works.


  8. KJwon Avatar

    Yo, KJToo,

    Since you are going to be, ah, ‘hosting’ Thagg’s broodlings for up to five weeks, maybe I can get a group rate on letting my little angels be ‘hosted’ during those same five weeks.

    I think that’s too good an offer for you to pass up. And I won’t accept anything less.

  9. KJToo Avatar

    The idea of ‘hosting broodlings’ doesn’t exactly conjure up a pleasant image. I have visions of John Hurt lying on a table, writhing in pain just before his stomach explodes.

    So, a whole houseful, eh? That’s six. Six kids. I’m not sure Casa Johnson is rated for that kind of occupancy. I’ll have to discuss with Laura.

  10. Thagg Avatar

    What have I started?

    I know, the annual reunion of the next generation! Hosted by KJToo and Lola! Up to five weeks of fabulous fun near the shores of Lake Erie.


    Out of the mouths of babes, so they say.

    P.S. Is your sidewalk fixed?

    P.P.S. Is there a difference in hosting broodlings and being a broodling host?

  11. KJToo Avatar

    I’ll know more about the status of my sidewalk when I get home. The construction crew had a big job ahead of them today, and my “gap” is probably the smallest (and therefore least important) of the bunch.

    I feel it only fair to mention that “up to five weeks” is very likely to be whittled down to “a three-day weekend.” My hosting duties will largely consist of making sure that the bulbs in the crawlspace aren’t burnt and pushing a tray of tepid gruel through the slot twice a day. Kids like crawlspaces, right?

  12. Thagg Avatar

    My Favorite Canadian would never go for five weeks anyway.

    A two-day or three-day is more what she had in mind, but the broodlings think ‘bigger’.

    If your tent is big enough, and the weather holds, they enjoy that sort of thing.

    They would probably even go for a night at Maumee Bay State Park.

    But they may have their eyes on the entertainment options at your casa.

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