September 6, 2005

  • Productivity Parade


    Another busy weekend. Bob and I rode on Saturday (a mere 8.9 miles, as I was pressed for time), then Laura and I went to the Schoonovers’ annual “Sometime ‘Round Labor Day” Picnic and stuffed all manner of grilled food into our faces. She’s eating for two now. I’ve been eating for two since 1995.

    On Sunday we bought a couple of new bookshelves so I’d have a place to put all of my books in the office downstairs. We spent most of the day sorting through and moving mountains of stuff from one office to the other. I also wound up mucking with the innards of Laura’s computer early, early Monday morning in order to give her a better modem and a working floppy drive. I don’t think I was at all successful in the latter effort, but wound up mangling my thumb in the attempt.

    Yesterday we bought another bookshelf, this one to replace the bulky entertainment center “bookshelf” in the upstairs office. Laura spent most of the day organizing the metric ton of papers and such in her new office, and managed to make it look more like an office and less like a document storage closet. In the evening, I mowed the lawn, took out the trash and then inexplicably found myself watching the tail end of GSN‘s The Amazing Race marathon.

    Still to do:

    • Buy and install some wall-mounted shelves in both offices for additional books and (in my case) toys.
    • Move the cedar chest from the guest bedroom to Laura’s office to make room for a crib. A crib. The kind in which a baby sleeps.
    • Get a damn haircut. Seriously, I’m way overdue.