Gee, I’m real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky.


I finally got my damn hair cut on Friday. I no longer feel like blurting, “Zoicks! C’mon, Scoob!” every hour or so.

Laura and I went to see Bodyworlds 2 with the Schoonovers on SaturdayI also did a little over nine miles on the bike at the North Chagrin Reservation, then completely negated any health benefit by gorging on lobster bisque and lasagna at Bravo! in Mentor. No one should eat that much lasagna in a single sitting, so naturally, I did.. There’s a big difference between going on a Friday afternoon versus going on a Saturday afternoon: hundreds of other people. When I went to the exhibit with my co-workers a couple of weeks ago, things were pretty quiet and laid back at the Great Lakes Science Center. On Saturday, however, there was a rather long line at the ticket counter and a two-hour wait to get into the Bodyworlds exhibit. On the bright side, this left us with plenty of time to mess with science!I would like to extend a personal apology to the staff and patrons of the Great Lakes Science Center for the unfortunate “incident” that occurred at approximately 4:14pm on Saturday, 10 September. Letting some people play with certain exhibits is like giving a toddler a fork and pointing him toward a power outlet. Honestly, you’d think that we’d know better by now.

On Sunday, Laura and I got together with some members of the now-defunct Ravenhill Book Club, which has been temporarily renamed the Ravenhill Pregnancy Club. When the book club was formed, all member couples were childless. In the intervening years, three of the five couples have successfully procreated. Now the remaining holdouts find themselves rather unexpectedly in the family way. Baby Murdoch is due in March, hot on the heels of Baby Johnson, so we got together to… well, gush, really.

Tonight, Miscellaneous G™ and I are going to watch Man With the Screaming Brain, written, directed by and starring the one and only Bruce Campbell.

TiVo is also patiently waiting for me to watch Collateral and The Crying Game. I’m sure there’s a joke about Tom Cruise’s girlfriend’s penis in there if you think about it long enough.



2 responses to “Gee, I’m real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky.”

  1. Eric Avatar

    I sense an unfinished story here from the Great Lakes Science Center.

  2. KJToo Avatar

    I sense an unfinished story here from the Great Lakes Science Center.

    Alas, footnote number two is utter baloney. Though we certainly enjoyed the exhibits, no one (in our group) abused them in any way.

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