Boot to the hand!

I’m pretty sure the kid kicked my hand last night. What did I do to deserve that kind of treatment?

Ultrasound scheduled for Friday morning. With any luck, we’ll find out what kind of equipment s/he’s packing. In the past few days I’ve been feeling what I call “The Father’s Imperative.” A little part of me really hopes it’s a boy, which is not to say that I will be disappointed or resentful if it’s a girl. If it’s an alien… well, then I’m going to be all kinds of pissed. No extraterrestrial comes to Earth, poses as me and secretly impregnates my wife without so much as a “by your leave!” Not on my watch, buster. If it’s an alien, nothing less than intergalactic war will soothe my wrath.

A boy would be nice, though. Or a girl. Yeah. A boy or a girl.

No aliens.