Serenity now!


Well, in about two and a half hours, actually. My phone rang a little while ago and it was a guy I game with on occasion offering me a free ticket to a screening of Serenity tonight. As the kids say, “Woot!”



2 responses to “Serenity now!”

  1. Thagg Avatar

    What’s a ‘Serenity’?

  2. KJToo Avatar

    Serenity is the movie that continues the story Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) began in the failed FOX television series Firefly. When FOX cancelled the series after only a handful of episodes, fans attempted in vain to get the network to bring it back. The fan outcry was enough to convince Universal Studios to bankroll Serenity. The official release date is 30 September, but Joss Whedon has been doing advance screenings (which sell out in minutes) throughout the summer.

    Though I never watched Firefly when it originally aired, blob loaned me the DVDs this summer. I had planned to see the movie at some point in the next week, so a free pass to a “sneak preview” was right up my alley.

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