Or, if you prefer: for the love of Kelly Ripa’s immaculate part.

As an expectant father with what some have described as an “irreverent sense of humor,” I found Monday’s Penny Arcade ridiculously funny. Now, before you go clicking on that link all willy-nilly, let me first warn you that this particular installment of Penny Arcade might be regarded by some as tasteless and offensive. I don’t want to reveal too much for fear of ruining the joke for those who do opt to read it, but I will say this: it involves the placenta. If the mere mention of that word makes you cringe then for the love of Regis Philbin’s bushy eyebrows do not click that link.

[EDIT: It occurs to me that there is more than one way to interpret “Kelly Ripa’s immaculate part.” I would like to clarify that I am referring to the part in her hair.