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Laura and I attended the first of four (or possibly five) two-hour childbirth classes (“I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies!”) we’re taking this month. We learned about stations (-4 = “floating”, +4 = “at the perineum”) and TACOS. There were a total of six couples in attendance, including Mike and Tami. Tami is also having a boy and is due the day after Laura; they both have the same doctor of lady parts. Mike and I have worked together for several years, though the coordinatation of pregnancies was entirely accidental.

Despite lacking a coherent plot, I managed to crank out just over 1,900 words today, most of that after the childbirth class. The Director is indeed up to something nefarious, and it involves removing people’s brains.

Oh yeah, I went there.