NaNoWriMo 2005, Day 3: Progress

As of right now, I’m about seven hundred words away from today’s goal. I have one potential protagonist, though I suspect that he will ultimately become a secondary protagonist.

The tally so far:

Named characters: 4
(Currently) Nameless characters: approximately 20
Brains removed: 2
Doors smashed: 1
Spirits crushed: 1
Skulls crushed: 0
Escape attempts thwarted: 1.5
Musical numbers: 0
Product placements: 0

Tonight I’ll be heading over to Panera to eat me a sandwich and gather with some other Cleveland-area NaNites. We’ll most likely be discussing our triumphs and struggles so far, and we’ll probably do a few writing sprints, too. Hopefully, that will be enough to put me over the five thousand word mark and give me a little breathing room. The next couple of days are going to be hectic, what with my mother and sisters staying with us over the weekend and the baby shower on Saturday. The more words I can cram into the meeting tonight, the butter.

Oh, and I’ll be conducting some more interviews for Unquiet Desperation, too. Open-ended questions are the key.