Listen, you [bleep] [bleep] for [bleep]…

My protagonist is quite the potty-mouth. This novel is definitely rated “R” for coarse language.

Still no title, but I’m not worried about it. Gotta get the story told, that’s the important thing.

Kudos to Bob for his nifty progress meter. I didn’t steal the whole thing, just the bit that automatically generates the word count so I don’t have to keep hacking my WordPress files.

NaNoWriMo, Day 3: Supplemental

The meeting last night was quite productive for me. I walked in needing just over six hundred words to make the daily goal and, in the course of two twenty-minute sprints, banged out just over 1,100 words. I was also right in the middle of a pivotal scene when Panera closed, so I wrapped it up when I got home and found myself about a thousand words ahead of schedule, which puts me in a pretty good place today. It’s going to be tough to find time to write this weekend, what with guests staying at the house and the baby shower on Saturday.