Listen, you [bleep] [bleep] for [bleep]…


My protagonist is quite the potty-mouth. This novel is definitely rated “R” for coarse language.

Still no title, but I’m not worried about it. Gotta get the story told, that’s the important thing.

Kudos to Bob for his nifty progress meter. I didn’t steal the whole thing, just the bit that automatically generates the word count so I don’t have to keep hacking my WordPress files.



3 responses to “Listen, you [bleep] [bleep] for [bleep]…”

  1. Codeshaman Avatar


    Think I can steal yours for my site? Frankly, I’m liking yours better. 🙂

  2. KJToo Avatar

    Think I can steal yours for my site?

    Hey, if you want the KJToo NaNoMeter, you’re welcome to it (the K stands for “kludgy,” the J for “junky”). I’ll post links to the CSS and PHP shortly.

  3. KJToo Avatar

    Okay, if you’re interested in using my progress bar widget, you can find the source here:



    Many thanks again to Bob for the bit that actually counts the words.

    The bar in its current form uses overlapping, floating <div>s to first create the variable-width progress bar, then overlay the target bar (which is always 2 pixels wide). It’s exceptionally clumsy, and getting Internet Explorer and Firefox to display the bar the same way was painful. The final result isn’t quite what I wanted to do, visually, but it should look the same in both browsers.

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