NaNoWriMo, Day 9: Gotta keep movin’


The meetup at the Enclave proved to be more chit-chat than writing, but it was a good time. There were only three of us in attendance, but one of the local NaNites who already hit the 50,000 word mark stopped by for a few minutes to gloat cheer us on. We did two sprints and I managed a total of just over a thousand words. I think Chris and Gus both managed to out-write me both times, with Gus cranking out an impressive 1,100+ words during the first sprint.

After I got home, I messed around with the Cardelion portrait for far too long (anything to keep from writing) and then sat down to wrap up a scene I’d started writing at the Enclave. I’ve got to give Chris Miller major credit for suggesting a couple of very interesting turns that I could take with my story. I glommed on to one and churned out what may be the worst-written scene I’ve done so far. My Inner Editor is securely locked away in a strongbox until 01 December, so I was able to be satisfied that I got the thing written and opened the door for something interesting to happen.

The trouble with throwing a character you haven’t fully developed into the spotlight is that you may or may not have a good feel for his or her voice. In adopting the spirit of Chris’ suggestion, I forced myself to return to a character that I hadn’t planned on coming back to for a while and doing things with him that I never intended to do. And as clunky as that scene is, it gives me room to breathe.

Amazingly enough, after wrapping up what I’ll call The Miller Scenario, I was able to launch right into another scene with my protagonist that practically wrote itself. The two scenes have no direct relation, but it was is if the act of writing the first got the wheels turning fast enough that I was able to coast through the second.

I’m roughly a day behind right now, but that’s okay. I’m still making forward progress and the characters are finding things to do or – in the case of The Miller Scenario – being given a jump start.

Tomorrow night (perhaps I should say “tonight,” as it’s now 2:15AM) is another meetup at Panera. Last Thursday there were roughly sixteen people there. It’ll be interesting to see who turns up this time.

And now, to bed.



2 responses to “NaNoWriMo, Day 9: Gotta keep movin’”

  1. Codeshaman Avatar

    I’m glad it helped! See…I told you that the whole cyborg-transsexual thing would be nothing but good karma for your novel. *grin*

  2. KJToo Avatar

    I’m glad it helped! See…I told you that the whole cyborg-transsexual thing would be nothing but good karma for your novel. *grin*

    You know, when you said, “introduce a high-tech tranny from the future,” I thought you were talking about something entirely different.

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