NaNoWriMo, Day 10: Hit me with the stupid.

I didn’t get much writing done at the NaNo meetup yesterday (less than 1,000 words between two 20-minute sprints), but I did introduce a new character who throws a wrench into some fairly major gears: the hot babe.

Despite my own pitiful performance, it was amazing to see twenty or more NaNites/WriMos plugging away at their novels last night. We completely took over one side of Panera with our laptops, power strips and boisterous literary conversation. Some of us (them) even managed to get some writing done. I believe more than one person reported sprint results of better than a thousand words.

I was still about 2k shy of yesterday’s target (16,670 words) when we wrapped up the meeting, but after Laura and I got home I cleaned the litter box and sequestered myself in my office. When I tallied everything up at 2:00 this morning I was just beyond the target. I completely lost track of time somewhere around 11:00, so I was very surprised at how late it was when I uploaded and updated.

I was also a little dismayed, as I had a fairly important meeting this morning at 9:00. By the time I hit the sheets it was pushing three o’clock, and I could not sleep. I wasn’t able to turn my brain off, and my mind bounced around between where I had left the story and the fact that I need to get up in about four hours.

The meeting was no big deal, but I’m dragging some serious ass today. I’m sure there’s an unusually early bedtime in my near future.