First Flakes

We had a little snow in Willoughby on Thursday. Just enough that I had to shovel a drift on the front steps and sprinkle some salt on the sidewalk Friday morning. The sun has been out all morning and now most of the snow has melted.

When I got home from the NaNoWriMo meeting Thursday evening, I found an e-mail from my dad waiting. Seems they’d gotten some snow in the U.P., too.

Messy Manor Road Old Man Winter vs. Messy Manor
(Click thumbnail for a larger image.)

3 thoughts on “First Flakes”

  1. KJwon said:

    Something hauntingly familiar about those pictures…

    Great pics, tho!

    Dad also sent a picture of Onyx in her “camo” gear for hunting season (basically a bright scarf to ensure that she isn’t mistaken for a deer). She’s sitting on the porch, it’s a bright, sunny day and the nearby grass is green.

    I looked at the EXIF data on the JPEG files, and it would seem that the picture of Onyx was taken the day before the snow pics.

    In other words, you’re looking at one day’s worth of snow in those pictures.

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