Two Things

  1. I broke a blood vessel in my left thumb. How? I was attempting to blow out a four-wick candle by clapping my hands together a la The Incredible Hulk. I succeeded on the second attempt, but I believe the blood vessel ruptured on the first. The pad of my left thumb is now slightly swollen and vaguely purple in color.
  2. The Craftsman ½-hp belt drive garage door opener I bought on Sunday is incompatible with our garage. There is a support beam approximately 101 inches from the door that will prevent the opener from being installed. Required horizontal clearance: approximately 125 inches. Dammit. There may be some hope, though. The installer told me that Genie garage door openers (available at the nearby Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse) don’t require as much space as the Craftsman models.