NaNoWriMo, Day 26: Home Stretch

Okay, so the home stretch is a long damn stretch for me. Something just shy of 20,000 words in five days. Well, now I’ve managed to whittle that down to less than 15,000 words, so I feel pretty good. I have to say this, though: not writing for three or four days at a time is a bad idea.

I just finished writing the epilogue, which is the bit that comes after the end. In my case, the epilogue doesn’t feature any of the main characters, so I really didn’t have to know how they fared at the end in order to write it. Which helped more than you might think, because though I’ve got a vague idea of how I want to wrap this thing up, I haven’t fleshed it out too much. I will say that writing the epilogue has helped to establish a couple of events that must happen prior to the end of the novel, so I’ve at least got some direction. I may write the rest of the thing backwards, starting at the end and working toward some point in the middle.