NaNoWriMo: The Big Finish

So, it was a race to the finish last night, but I managed to hit 50,000 words at fifteen minutes to midnight. Getting the file uploaded and verified was a bit nerve-wracking, too.

What do I write when I’m under the gun and need 6,000+ words?

Well, stuff like this, for starters:

“Okay,” Ted said, breaking the awkward silence. “I guess you’re wondering why we called at five in the morning and asked you to meet us at an abandoned movie theater.”

Liz looked at Ted, but said nothing.

“Well,” Ted said, taking a deep breath. “We wanted to let you know that you probably shouldn’t bother going into work today, given that your office is now a giant smoking hole in the ground. Not to mention that some asshole in an attack helicopter – was that an Apache? I’m pretty sure it was an Apache. Anyway, some asshole in an attack helicopter that may or may not have been an Apache blew up the road with a rocket. Or maybe it was a missile. I’m not big on armaments.”

Liz just blinked.

“Your employer,” Ted continued, “the lovable and charming fellow known only as ‘The Director’ — probably because his name is Percival or Dick Whittington or something and he doesn’t want the other kids making fun of him all the time — is not a nice man, though you had probably already figured that out. At any rate, he probably would like nothing better than to catch your boyfriend and I and put us in a box. Or maybe he’d like to kill us. Or possibly catch us and then kill us, or vice versa, which is pretty darn rude. At any rate, he’s gonna be pissed when he finds out we blew up his secret underground lair, though – and this is just between you, me and the giant movie screen over there – I don’t really think that was our fault. But we did steal his Humvee.” Ted gestured over his shoulder to the assault vehicle without pausing. “And blew the roof off. Oh, and blew up his helicopter. The Apache. The same one that blew up the road.”

“Ted,” Bob said, finally finding his voice.

“Yeah?” Ted asked.

“Shut up.”

When I stopped typing last night, I had a total of 50,003 words and my main characters were fleeing Reno, NV in a stolen Mitsubishi Galant. Where are they going? I have no idea. What will they do when the get there? Again, no idea.

Laura, on the other hand, has a complete story from beginning to end. She tells me it needs revision, but it’s a complete package right now. How cool is that?