So what else is going on?

NaNoWriMo wasn’t the only thing going on in November, though you might have thought it was if you talked to me or read this ol’ blog. Many, many wonderful things happened last month, and I’m very, very pleased to provide the following recap: ((Sorry. I was channeling Commandante Eric Lassard a bit there. I really don’t know why.))

  1. The Baby Shower. It was quite the shindig, but it flew by very quickly. The little mister got one gigundous haul, and Laura and I spent way too much time opening all the gifts. There were upwards of sixty or seventy people there, the food was excellent, and it was all over before I knew it. One of these days I’ll get around to putting some baby shower pictures in the photo album.
  2. Thanksgiving. This year, I was (and am) thankful for a great many things including (but not limited to):
    • My wife, Laura. I wouldn’t be a functioning member of society without her influence. I’d probably still be wearing nothing but jeans and black t-shirts, too. Plus, she made some damn good pumpkin pie for Turkey Day.
    • My young apprentice. I can’t wait to meet the little geek.
    • My family and extended family. Whether we are family by blood or marriage, they’re all fantastic, loving, supportive people.
    • My friends. If you’re reading this and you don’t fall into any of the categories above, I’m talking about you. Unless you’re here chasing a Google search of “Gwyneth Paltrow’s nipples,” in which case you’re probably very disappointed. ((I was looking through the server logs a few months ago and found that at least one person had wandered to from just such a Google search. Why is in the search results for that particular phrase? Read my review of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for the answer.))
    • Gatos di tutti gatos. Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, AKA Rosie and Gil. They’re an endless source of amusement.
    • Pumpkin pie. Seriously, it was awesome pie.
    • Everything else. Good job, good health, good neighbors, the MvoD and the occasional sloppy joe. Am I forgetting anything? Almost definitely.
  3. Childbirth classes. Informative, interesting, and just a little bit frightening. And now, I can almost keep a straight face when someone says the word “vaginal.” ((Oh, yeah. That’s gonna get me some Google hits, too.))
  4. Dave Campbell puts The Velvet Marauder on hiatus. This is not actually wonderful at all. The Velvet Marauder is the personal blog of a masked vigilante who patrols the streets of Evergreen City. It’s brilliant, and if you’re at all a fan of comic book superheroes, I encourage you to read it from the beginning. There are links to The Velvet Marauder and Dave’s other excellent blog, Dave’s Long Box, in the “Blogroll” section.
  5. Threshold and Nightstalker cancelled. That’ll free up more time to watch crappy movies on the Sci-Fi Channel! ((I’m perfectly capable of watching crappy movies on The Sci-Fi Channel while I change diapers. Hell, it’ll make the actual poop seem less… poopy.))
  6. Podcasting. Okay, podcasts have been around for a year or so, but in November I started listening to a bunch of them, including Ancestor, The Dragon Page, I Should Be Writing and Unquiet Desperation, all of which I’ve linked to in the “Podroll” section. I’ve been listening to TWiT since episode one, when it was called Revenge of the Screen Savers.

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  1. Threshold and Nightstalker cancelled. That’ll free up more time to watch crappy movies on the Sci-Fi Channel!

    Not to mention Alias is in its death throes. Word on the street claims final season. I wonder if I should even bother finding a show to replace it, or just fold up the rabbit ears? That will free up another hour a week to play Xbox.

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