I almost forgot something else that happened in November: HoNoToGrABeWe.

That’s How Not To Grow A Beard Week, and to the best of my knowledge I am the sole participant.

HoNoToGrABeWe was announced Monday and slated to continue through Friday. The idea was to demonstrate that it is not possible for me to grow anything approaching a real beard in seven days. On Monday, I arrived at work with a three-day stubble, having elected not to shave over the weekend (including the previous Friday).

I have not shaved — with the exception of the front of my neck below the chin — all week, and the results are less than inspiring. I still have the goatee, but the pathetic stubble on my cheeks cannot be detected except from certain angles and under ideal lighting conditions.

I’m not sure what I’ll do next. I may try to turn December into HoNoToGrABeMo, but I don’t think Laura will stand for it. More than likely, I’ll give it another week and then shave the whole thing off.

Grizzly Adams, I ain’t.