Weekend Wrap-up for 10-11 December 2005.

  • I didn’t even set foot outside the house on Saturday. Hell, I didn’t even change out of my pajamas. Despite this, we managed to get a fair amount of “work” done.
  • The fall decor has been retired and the winter/Christmas decor put in its place. We’ve decided not to put up our tree this year, mostly because we’ll be rather busy around the time we’d normally be taking the tree down.
  • As planned, Laura and I made pasties on Saturday. Fifteen pasties, to be exact. That includes one Frankenpasty constructed with a ready-made pie crust after we ran out of our made-from-scratch dough. For amateurs, we make some damn good pasties. I ate two for dinner Saturday night, one for lunch Sunday afternoon and another for dinner. I also took one to work for lunch today. Add the two that Laura ate over the weekend and that’s seven of the fifteen consumed already.
  • Yesterday, we caught a matinee of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and afterward I watched The Triangle, a mini-series that aired on the SciFi Channel last week. I think Laura made it most of the way through the first installment before she fell asleep. We’ll probably see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe next weekend, and we may head over to the second-run theater to see The 40 Year Old Virgin tonight.
  • Laura bought me a new winter coat on Friday, and I got to put it to the test Sunday morning while I was cleaning the driveway (Go-go-gadget snowblower!). It’s very lightweight, but also quite warm and cuts the wind nicely. Color me pleased.
  • When last I counted, I was subscribed to about fifteen podcasts, including several from Podiobooks.

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