Weekend Wrap-up for 17-18 December 2005.

Saturday morning was a buzz of house-cleaning activity as Laura and I prepared for the arrival of Adam, youngest of my brothers and rightful heir to the Throne of the Dreaming Serpent. I was responsible for the cleaning of floors, which included vacuuming carpeted floors and first swiffing ((swiff [v.] – to use a Swiffer® sweeper.)) then mopping wood and lineoleum floors. Laura should not be cleaning bathrooms in her condition, ((I love the word “condition” when applied in this manner; it has such gravity. Probably because of the whole “defcon” business. Right now, Laura is at Pregcon 8. If she hits Pregcon 10, we’ve got problems.)) yet that’s just what she did.

After the house was deemed acceptable, we did a little grocery shopping. We grabbed a six-pack of Bud Light for Adam and—much to Laura’s disgust—a six-pack of watermelon-flavored Smirnoff’s Twisted V for me. ((Adam is a Bud Light man, through and through, whereas I do not drink beer. Were she not pregnant, Laura would probably be okay drinking Bud Light or Smirnoff Twisted V. Unless it’s watermelon-flavored. Artificial watermelon flavoring may not be Laura’s kryptonite, but it’s probably pretty close. I thought it was pretty good.)) We also bought three gallons of milk and various snack-type foods (including a yummy cheese ball).

Due to a little directional mix-up (my fault), Adam wound up arriving about an hour late. We immediately headed out to Mariachi’s for dinner, then watched Kingdom of Heaven on pay-per-view. Pretty good movie. I was pleasantly surprised. Adam drank the hell out of the six-pack of Bud Light ((Not the six-pack I bought, mind you. That one was moved to the garage when Adam arrived with his own six-pack. The one I bought went to Toledo with Adam and was, hopefully, enjoyed by both he and our eldest brother, David (AKA Thagg).)) and we watched Saturday Night Live for the first time in what seemed like ages.

Sunday morning, Adam and I played Darkwatch for an hour or so after breakfast. Laura played hooky from church with the intention of visiting her father in the hospital, ((Laura’s father was admitted Saturday evening after it was discovered that he has a blood clot in his arm. I won’t go into the particulars, but he was scheduled to have surgery to remove it today.)) but after consulting with her mother she decided to go see him this morning, instead.

Adam left a little after 1:00, and I did a whole lot of nothing for the remainder of the day. Jericho Cross killed a slew of undead gunslingers and just-as-undead Native Americans, though. Not to mention those damned banshees.

Waiting on the TiVo: Shallow Ground (the SciFi Saturday movie) and The Fly II.