Readiness Report: Plus or Minus 22oz.

Laura had an ultrasound last night because the stand-in OB she saw last week was concerned about the results of her glucose test ((The glucose test is used to detect gestational diabetes, which occurs in approximately 2-3 percent of pregnant women and can lead to macrosomia, also known as LGA. The upshot is one big baby.)) (despite the fact that her regular OB wasn’t). The idea of the ultrasound was to get an approximation of my young apprentice’s weight.

After about 45 minutes of … sounding, we were given an approximate weight of 9lbs., 4oz., plus or minus twenty-two ounces. In other words, he could be anywhere between seven and a half and ten and a half pounds.

We also saw proof positive of our son’s… sonness. It was what the technicians apparently call “the turtle,” and we have two very nice pictures of said turtle that I neglected to scan last night. Poor kid. Not even born yet and dad puts his business up on the Internet for everyone to see.

Laura has an appointment with her OB today (as I write this, in fact), and we may find out whether or not they would like to induce labor. She is currently at least 2cm ((Possibly 3cm or more, if what I saw on the ultrasound was correct.)) dilated and the baby is in the proper position for emergence, so they may decide to give things a little boost.

That’d be the best excuse to leave work early. Ever.