Readiness Report: Electronic, Ultrasonic.

Here are two images from Tuesday evening’s ultrasound. Click on each to view a larger version in the photo album.

Coming Soon...

The Turtle

At one point, there were two ultrasound technicians in the room and one prompted the other to do things like “bring your focus down” and “cut out the harmonics.” I was tempted to suggest that they lock in the auxiliary, but didn’t want to tell them how to do their jobs.

Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Readiness Report: Electronic, Ultrasonic.”

  1. Codeshaman said:

    Secure the flux capacitor! Check the subspace interference filters! Remove that blockage from the Jeffries tube!

    30 degrees down angle on the bow planes!

  2. When My Favourite Canadian went for her last ultrasound, it was the view from the inside. That probe is up close, personal, and huge. I was impressed. (I could go there, but better not)

    And in color. Apparantly set up to represent each issue of concern in its own hue. Since she did have bleeding, and it showed bright red moving ‘blobs’ all over the monitor, I almost let out, ala Aliens “They’re everywhere, man!”. Politeness, and concern for MFC prevailed.

    I did tell her OB later that day. Her reaction was priceless.

    The bill, however, was very pricey.

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