Pimpage: Planet Retcon


There’s a new link in the Blogroll, and if you like your science fiction with a twist of comedy (or vice versa), head over to Planet Retcon and download the first installment of Wesley Clifford’s new podcast, featuring the pilot episode of Stargate Cafe.

Wesley is responsible for (among other things) introducing me to NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago, and this year he bowed out of the challenge in order to get Planet Retcon up and running. The result of his hard work is a Stargate Cafe, and I’m thoroughly impressed with how good it sounds.

Another reason I want to pimp Planet Retcon (and Stargate Cafe) is that it features the voice talent of the one and only blob, frequent commentor on the KJToo blog and contributor to the general madness that is the KJToo forums. Oh, and that Wesley Clifford fellow? He’s also known by his Intarweb nom de guerre (or nom de plume, if you must), Yotto. If that name doesn’t ring any bells, you probably don’t make a habit of visiting the aforementioned KJToo forums.

Go. Download. Listen. Enjoy.


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