Presenting Kyle Abraham Johnson

At 12:54pm on the afternoon of 13 January 2006, Kyle Abraham Johnson ((Not “Diamond Neil Johnson.” I’m afraid that was a little mischief Laura and I cooked up for the benefit of those who really, really wanted to know his name ahead of time.)) was delivered by Caesarian section. Kyle weighed 8 lbs, 5.9 oz. at birth, and measured 20″ in length. His hair is dark blond, his eyes are blue and he has ten fingers, ten toes, two ears, two eyes, one nose and one mouth. ((And two testicles. I was there when the nurse counted them.))

Kyle has a healthy set of lungs, which he put to good use mere moments after being removed from his growth chamber. He is doing very well, as is his extremely proud (not to mention entirely awesome) mother.

As today is Friday the 13th, I thought there was really only one way to properly present my son to the world.
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