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First off, let me thank everyone for the congratulations, well wishes, prayers and warm thoughts. Spending the last couple of days running back and forth to the Cleveland Clinic hasn’t been fun, and Laura and I have both been very frazzled, emotional and exhausted. But we’re also feeling incredibly lucky. All around the NICU are babies who are in far, far worse shape than Kyle. One little girl was on a respirator until this afternoon. Today, two more babies were transferred from other hospitals, one of which was born only twenty-four weeks into the pregnancy. A baby in the room Kyle was moved to this evening has been at the Clinic for two months, and may have had a stroke. As gut-wrenching as this whole experience has been for us, we realize that it could have been much, much worse.

This morning, the tube that was draining Kyle’s stomach (I forget what they called the thing, but it sounded like one of the moons of Jupiter, or something) was removed. Also removed was the antibiotic from his IV. He’s still getting nutrients and lipids intravenously, but the doctors are now confident that he doesn’t have an infection.

This evening, Kyle took another stab at nursing. Though that didn’t go quite so well as we’d hoped (he was too impatient), he did get some breast milk mixed in with his soy formula at 9:00. We’re hoping to deliver another dose of mom’s milk when we head over to the Clinic tomorrow morning. We’re also hoping that he doesn’t have any further digestion issues so we can take him home ASAP.


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  1. Elder, Bigger, Lil Sis' Avatar
    Elder, Bigger, Lil Sis’

    Sounds like progress to me! Here’s to hoping and praying that Kyle will be home ASAP!

  2. Thagg Avatar

    Nothing like a trip to NICU to open your eyes.

    The Littlest Broodling spent his first four weeks in NICU. Although what they do there is mind-boggling, not to mention stressful to you as a parent, you normally find infants/families there with a much tougher row to hoe.

    This evening, Kyle took another stab at nursing.

    At first I thought he was making another attempt at a career. You go, boy!

  3. Karen Avatar

    Hope the little tyke is OK. Best thoughts and wishes to the three of you.

  4. Miscellaneous G Avatar
    Miscellaneous G

    Maybe Little Kyle’s a born vegan and he demands only soy milk? Sorry…

  5. KJToo Avatar

    Miscellaneous G said:

    Maybe Little Kyle’s a born vegan and he demands only soy milk? Sorry…

    Well, when breast milk isn’t available he’s being given Isomil, which is a soy-based formula. We shall see what develops.

  6. KJwon Avatar

    Give the boy some beef! He needs a good ol’ steak!

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