Welcome to Parenthood: Home Sweet Home

As I mentioned last Friday, Kyle is now home from the hospital. He spent six days at the Children’s Hospital at the Cleveland Clinic and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him. the best guess anyone could give us is that he had a bad reaction to the formula he was given at LakeWest to bring his blood sugar up.

We’ve now had a four-night sampling of what is to come, and we’ve seen both extremes, I think. On Friday and Saturday night, Kyle slept in four-hour stints, which is pretty much what we were shooting for. Sunday and Monday night, he was a bit fussy. He’d cry, we’d pick him up and take care of whichever orifice needed attention, get him all settled down, put him back in the bassinet… and five minutes later have to do it all over again. This did not make for a very restful night. Or two.

In related news, my mother was babysitting my eldest brother’s (that’s you, Thagg) boys in Toledo over the weekend. Toledo is about eleven hours from my parents’ house and about two hours from ours, so it seemed only logical that she swing by for a visit before heading back to the U.P. It also gave my sister-in-law and nephews an excuse to see their newest nephew and cousin, respectively.

So, while I catch up on my correspondence, Laura has been making phone calls and my mother has been cuddling her newest grandchild (she has seven, now) and cleaning the floors. She also made coffee and cinnamon rolls this morning, which made for a pleasant treat when I finally got out of bed at noon. Hurrah for mothers and grandmothers!

Coming soon: a return to the type of nerdliness you may have come to expect from me. I’ve got a review of The Forty Year Old Virgin in the works and the TiVo is recording Mr. and Mrs. Smith from pay-per-view as I write this. Also, I’ve been tagged by Codeshaman to discuss five of my weird habits, and I want to prattle on about George R.R. Martin a bit.