Kyle Half-Elven

Kyle Half-ElvenLaura and I have noticed that Kyle has somewhat pointy ears, as shown in the photograph below. This leads us to believe that he is at least part elf. ((Keep your Vulcan mouth shut, Trekkie.))

If Kyle is part elf, then it stands to reason that one of his parents also has elven blood running through their veins, but which one? Neither of us has pointed ears, nor do we seem to resemble elves in any other respect. ((I have a goatee. Have you ever seen an elf with a goatee? Didn’t think so.)) We’re not terribly graceful, and we’ve achieved maturity ((I’m using the term loosely.)) far more quickly than the long-lived race normally does.

Laura is half Colombian, but she is also very fair-skinned. Could the lack of melanin in her dermis be explained by heretofore undiscovered elven heritage? Perhaps, but Laura has done some fairly extensive research into her genealogy and has yet to stumble across anything to suggest that she is descended from the Firstborn.

I, on the other hand, can only trace my ancestry back a couple of generations, ((Granted, I haven’t exactly researched my lineage.)) but what I do know about my forebears is that they were primarily Finnish. This is very telling, because it is well-known that the High elvish language, Quenya, has striking similarities to the Finnish language. ((Really. It’s well-known.))

Is this enough to conclude that I am the source of the elven blood coursing through Kyle’s veins? Probably not for science, but it’s enough for me. When the boy comes of age, he will accompany me across the sea to the Grey Havens, which I imagine will be a lot like Disney World.