Welcome to Parenthood: Colic and Your Baby

Kyle’s had a rough couple of nights, and it would appear that he is rather colicky. Colic, for those who don’t know, is “severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines.” The lad is a noisy feeder, and the amount of air it sounds like he’s sucking is enough to make me belch just listening to him. He tends to be kind of a hit-or-miss burper, and it can sometimes take a good ten minutes to coax a good, manly belch out of him.

The air seems to be getting into the intestine (as evidenced by infantile flatulence), and causing no small amount of discomfort as it makes its way to the exit. This makes Kyle unhappy, and leaves his parents seeking some way to soothe his pain. Of course, the worst possible position for Kyle to be in during periods of discomfort seems to be flat on his back. Last night I found that cradling him in my arms and bouncing him ever so gently seemed to work pretty well. Alas, when I returned him to his bassinet at 2:30 this morning, he soon awoke and began crying. It’s not a little cry, either; it’s a full-fledged wail, and it tears my heart out, because there’s clearly pain behind it.

We’ll see how the weekend goes. Colic generally only lasts a couple of weeks, according to something Laura read to me last night. Of course, he’ll have something new to cry about Monday night, as he’s slated to be circumsized Monday morning.