Things You Didn’t Need To Know: Anagrams

Over the years, I’ve used a couple of different anagrams of my first and middle names (“Kris” and “Alan,” respectively) for gamertags or names in various different places. When I used to play a lot of CounterStrike, my gamertag was “Karnalis,” which I also used in several Xbox games. Another anagram that I used far less frequently is “Salnikar.”

Yesterday, an unfortunate new anagram occurred to me: Anal Risk.

That’s just unpleasant. I’ve long been aware that my first name is an anagram of “risk” (and, appropriately, “irks”), and my middle name can be reordered to spell “anal” (and, not at all appropriately, “Lana”), but it has never before occurred to me to combine the two anagrams in that order.

Anyway, if I ever form a death metal band, I think I know what I’ll call it.

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