Podcast: Misfit Brew


Mick Bradley was able to salvage a little bit of the conversation he, Chris Miller and I recorded for The Round Table last week, and he included it in his other podcast, Misfit Brew. It’s very geeky stuff, with Chris talking about the motivation of villains and how three-dimensional villains can make for better fiction and role-playing, then me rambling a bit about Star Wars from the Imperial point-of-view. If that sounds interesting to you, get over to the Misfit Brew and download the episode. Even better, subscribe to the podcast.

We’re supposed to record a new episode of The Round Table this evening. I’ll post more about that later in the week.

EDIT: As of this writing (28 Feb, 2006 @ 2:07PM EST), The Harping Monkey and Misfit Brew websites are apparently down. I’ll update once they’re up and running again.

EDIT: The Harping Monkey and Misfit Brew sites are up and running. Go download some episodes of The Round Table and Misfit Brew!



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