New Look (Part 2)


I created a new logo for the masthead, which is hopefully eye-catching and… big. I also tweaked the colors on the site a bit, bumped up the font size and brought back some graphical links. Finally, I added a toggle section for the Recent Comments and Tag Cloud features, which just looked weird over in the navigation columns. Mad props to Chris Miller over at Unquiet Desperation for the snippet of Javascript that makes the toggling work.

So, what do you think?

2 responses to “New Look (Part 2)”

  1. Thagg Avatar

    Masthead much better. Colors are an improvement.

    So, what do you think?

    Let’s see if it blockquotes the above better than the last one I did.

    I’ll have to learn what the blue blazes a Tag Cloud feature is, so I don’t think I’m going to venture an opinion either way.

  2. Thagg Avatar

    Never mind, I get it.

    Pretty damn cool.

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