Effective Marketing?


I have a secret shame and his name is Doctor Angus (AKA Harry Enfield). I enjoy every one of the Burger King commercials featuring the faux motivational speaker, especially the most recent one in which Doc Angus declares, “It’s that easy; it’s that cheesy!” What the hell is wrong with me?

Despite the fact that I will rewind the TiVo to watch Doctor Angus commercials, I’ve never tried the Angus burgers at BK. Oh, I’ve been tempted to, but I almost never think about Doctor Angus while I’m actually at the drive-thru. Weird.

I also enjoy the new VW ads featuring my favorite pancake lover, Peter Stormare. Stormare, dressed in white and speaking with a thick German accent, “unpimps” a series of rides by flinging them with a trebuchet (“Oh, snap!”), flattening them with a shipping container, or otherwise demolishing them. Yes, I rewind these ones, too. No, I don’t plan to purchase a Volkswagen anytime soon. Snap, indeed.

Oh, and did I mention that the upgrade to WordPress 2.0.2 is complete and comment screening is deactivated? The upgrade to WordPress 2.0.2 is complete and comment screening is deactivated.

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  1. Steven Schwartz Avatar

    I *love* the Peter Stormare VW-ads, to the point where I’ve downloaded them onto my Mac, so that I can practice my “V-Dub” hand signals and my “Representing Deutschland” imitation whenever I need to.

    Have you been to the website for the GTI? You get an amusing “virtual test drive” with the girl from the ads — for amusement’s sake, if non-PC amusement’s sake, I recommend equipping your virtual GTI with the leather seats.

    Sadly, Peter Stormare did not make it onto the website.

  2. KJToo Avatar

    I was playing with the GTI Website earlier today, and I built a completely tricked out ride. I remember the fraulein making a comment about the leather seats, but there was some manner of distraction at my desk, so I didn’t catch it. I shall have to go back and try again.

  3. Elder Bigger Lil Sis Avatar
    Elder Bigger Lil Sis

    What the hell is wrong with you, you ask? I’ll tell you….if you really want me to….you’re a Johnson. There, that says it all……do you feel better now?

    And Auntie BeeJa would like to request more pictures!!!

  4. KJToo Avatar

    More pictures are on the way. I broke the photo album earlier today, but mostly fixed it. I’ll upload some new pictures after I get the photo album completely fixed.

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