Effective Marketing?

I have a secret shame and his name is Doctor Angus (AKA Harry Enfield). I enjoy every one of the Burger King commercials featuring the faux motivational speaker, especially the most recent one in which Doc Angus declares, “It’s that easy; it’s that cheesy!” What the hell is wrong with me?

Despite the fact that I will rewind the TiVo to watch Doctor Angus commercials, I’ve never tried the Angus burgers at BK. Oh, I’ve been tempted to, but I almost never think about Doctor Angus while I’m actually at the drive-thru. Weird.

I also enjoy the new VW ads featuring my favorite pancake lover, Peter Stormare. Stormare, dressed in white and speaking with a thick German accent, “unpimps” a series of rides by flinging them with a trebuchet (“Oh, snap!”), flattening them with a shipping container, or otherwise demolishing them. Yes, I rewind these ones, too. No, I don’t plan to purchase a Volkswagen anytime soon. Snap, indeed.

Oh, and did I mention that the upgrade to WordPress 2.0.2 is complete and comment screening is deactivated? The upgrade to WordPress 2.0.2 is complete and comment screening is deactivated.

4 thoughts on “Effective Marketing?”

  1. I *love* the Peter Stormare VW-ads, to the point where I’ve downloaded them onto my Mac, so that I can practice my “V-Dub” hand signals and my “Representing Deutschland” imitation whenever I need to.

    Have you been to the website for the GTI? You get an amusing “virtual test drive” with the girl from the ads — for amusement’s sake, if non-PC amusement’s sake, I recommend equipping your virtual GTI with the leather seats.

    Sadly, Peter Stormare did not make it onto the website.

  2. I was playing with the GTI Website earlier today, and I built a completely tricked out ride. I remember the fraulein making a comment about the leather seats, but there was some manner of distraction at my desk, so I didn’t catch it. I shall have to go back and try again.

  3. What the hell is wrong with you, you ask? I’ll tell you….if you really want me to….you’re a Johnson. There, that says it all……do you feel better now?

    And Auntie BeeJa would like to request more pictures!!!

  4. More pictures are on the way. I broke the photo album earlier today, but mostly fixed it. I’ll upload some new pictures after I get the photo album completely fixed.

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