Non Sequitur: The Other Apprentice

When I speak of “my young apprentice,” I’m referring to Kyle, who is now eleven weeks old and has decided that he likes diaper changes very much. This is a relief to Laura and I, as Kyle used to pitch an unholy fit whenever we began the process of changing his Tinkle-in-me-Elmo undergirding. He also smiles a lot now, and not just because he’s got gas. He smiles when I do silly things like playing the alien greeting from Close Encounters of the Third Kind on his nose, cheeks and chin.

It occurred to me yesterday, however, that I currently have another apprentice — though perhaps “protégé” might be a better word. This other apprentice goes by the name of Stuart (or s2), and I am in the process of transferring my current duties to him so that I can pursue other opportunities. If the phrase “pursue other opportunities” sounds like workplace jargon, that’s because it is. Generally, when people use that phrase, they mean “find another job,” which is not the case with me. I’m just going to focus on different types of projects once the brain dump to s2 is complete. I could probably be more vague, but obfuscation is a lot of work, and I’m on my lunch break.

One of my apprentices (apprentici?) cries and fusses when he’s hungry, has a tendency to stare at lights and occasionally spits up on himself; the other is a cute little baby.

There you go, s2, you’ve been mentioned in the blog. You can stop pouting now.