Travelogue: Penn Hills, PA

Penn Hills and Monroeville are both suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to the local news, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ season opener yesterday resulted in significant employee absenteeism and cost local businesses a number of dollars that would probably have left a lasting impression had I not been hacking up my left lung at the time.

My other apprentice and I are in Penn Hills and Monroeville for the purpose of a software upgrade pilot, I’m coughing up gobbets of rainbow-hued phlegm and I’ve all but lost the ability to speak. When you put it all together, that spells F-U-N.

I can’t tell you a whole lot about Penn Hills or Monroeville, except that there’s an Outback Steakhouse next door to the Hampton Inn in Monroeville. The Outback (and the nearby Max & Erma’s) both close before 11:00 on Sunday night, so 10:09pm isn’t the ideal time to arrive in Monroeville if you’re hungry. Also, trying to take a left onto Rodi Road between 5 and 6pm is a fool’s errand.

Last, but not least, trying to get the hotel television to use the auxiliary inputs is a royal pain in the ass. This is important because my Xbox connects to the auxiliary input, and I’d rather play Soul Caliber II than try to find something to watch on hotel cable. I can’t watch television without TiVo anymore, anyway.