Podcast: Misfit Brew Episode 11


Misfit Brew episode 11 has been posted, and you should listen to it. First, thriving misfit and Unquiet Desperado Chris Miller continues his examination of the archetypes with The High Priestess, about whom no one in their right mind makes “your momma” jokes. Then, fledgling misfit Rae Lamond continues her exploration into the culture by taking geeks where they rarely go: outside. Finally, there’s an essay by yours truly. Master misfit Mick Bradley asked me to submit an essay, so I reworked “The Lobot Thing” for audio. Mick either liked it or was just desperate enough to use it. Either way, it’s in there.

Go to the site and download the episode, or add the feed to your podcatcher. Don’t have a podcatcher? Try one of these:

Want more information about podcatchers? Head over to PodcatcherMatrix for a more extensive list as well as comparisons of the various clients.

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